Rules & Regulations

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1.     Participants

  • Participants must register and submit proposals before the deadline “November 15, 2014” using the contest’s website.
  • Participants must submit their final solution by “January 15, 2015”, using the contest’s website.
  • Demos will take place on the“January 28, 2014”.
  • There is no limit on the contestant’s age.

1.1. Students

  • Each institute may have more than one team.
  • Teams of two to four members can be formed.
  • Each team must adopt a name and appoint a representative (Coach).

1.2. Professionals

  • Can participate as individual or in a team up to four.
  • Must belong to a recognized institute.

2.     Competition

  • The main language of the contest is English and all the provided systems and materials are in English.
  • The contest will take place on two days where the first day is for demonstrations/judging and the second day will be for the ceremony.
  • Contestants may bring their own devices and required hardware for demonstration purposes.
  • Demonstration room will be provided for testing where the room setup will be handled by the contestants.
  • The solution must not harm the controlled devices and must not inject any malware.
  • The contestants are free to choose the appropriate solution that can preserve the privacy of events by controlling smart devices camera.
  • Contestants will sign a copyright transfer form on the day of final submission.

3.     General Rules

  • The organizing committee has the right to update these regulations as it sees suitable. It is the contestant responsibility to check the contest’s website for any updates regarding the competition.
  • Any team attempting to tamper with the machines, or disrupt the contest environment in any way will be disqualified.
  • The participants shall agree to allow the organizers to publish their names as well as photos and videos in which they appear.
  • Coaches are not allowed to intervene during the judging process.
  • Privacy warning message that warns attendees from the use of camera is assumed to be located at the main doors of sensitive areas/events.

4.     Contest Environment

  • For demo purposes, all required setup must be provided by the contestants.
  • Smart devices from different platforms will be provided for demo.
  • Internet connectivity will be provided.