Call for Participation

For the year 2014, the competition will concentrate on developing an innovative hardware/software solution that will be able to prevent the use of smart device cameras in certain sensitive events and/or areas. Such solutions must be able to control smart devices camera independent from their platform (IOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows). Participants can come up with the required homeland security setup to secure such areas/events without physically taking attendees’ smart devices. Moreover, wireless jamming is not allowed. The main target here is to control only the camera without disabling the other services such as phone calls and SMS. Figure 1 shows the size of the sensitive area where the minimum area is 1000 m2. To view the PDF document click here


Judging Criteria

  • Originality and innovation of the solution: this includes new ideas that can help on solving the problem.
  • Ease of deployment: if the solution is related to software then how fast it will take to deploy such software.
  • Cost effectiveness: cost is one metric of judging where solutions are expected not to be expensive.
  • Applicability: Integration to the current available technology.