The Smart Devices Security and Privacy Contest

Smart devices such as smart phones (IPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices) are becoming an integral part of our daily life. Studies show that they are one of the fastest spreading technologies in human history. This motivated the UAE federal government to develop mobile applications that can serve better the community as part of the UAE vision 2021 and Abu Dhabi vision 2030 and in line with the creation of smart government. Such a transition requires good attention to security and privacy related problems which require the creation and development of secure and reliable applications that can ensure the security of users and entities. Such a challenge can be considered by organizing a new smart devices security and privacy competition that can increase the mobile security awareness among the UAE community.
This competition will be a great opportunity for professionals and students that are working and/or majoring in the domain of information security and related subjects to measure their skills in smart device security, and to acquire valuable experience. The competition will allow participants to interact with other students and professionals from different institutes where they will have the opportunity to test their security skills and knowledge.

For this year, the competition will concentrate on developing an innovative hardware or software solution that will be able to prevent the use of smart device cameras in certain sensitive events and/or areas.